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Willem Knijnenburg

Design Portfolio
» Simulators  

Training in a safe environment

Employed by Tree-C Technology B.V., I've been designing 'Virtual Reality Simulators' for operator training of offshore crane drivers. The simulated offshore cranes have a lifting capacity up to 4000 metric tonnes. Operating this heavy equipment is costly and small errors can have devastating effects. The goal of a simulator is to approach reality as closely as possible. That is why I invested much time in visual quality, sounds and the realism of interaction. The simulators were deployed at the Huisman Academy which is an extraordinary training facility right at the build site of Huisman Equipment, the manufacturer of the cranes. The simulators are tuned in close cooperation with highly experienced crane drivers.

Simulating is always about finding an efficient way to approach reality as closely as possible. I've been constantly pushing the boundaries of modern computer hardware with the VR4MAX software package. An image is rendered 40 times per second and the whole physics setup is updated every 5 miliseconds. These constraints require a lot of creative problem solving.